Monday, December 30, 2013

Install Cydia for Ios 7.0 to 7.X running devices

This month Evad3rs team got their success point after release most famous jailbreak tool called Evasion. Evasion is a freeware which can be use to jailbreak iOS 7.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3, 7.0.4 running devices. We are discussing about Cydia install for your iOS 7 running iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices.

How to select jailbreak tool for my device

Actually we have seen best jailbreak tool to find solution for your Apple devices. We have seen more than 40 % of people do not know clear method to install Cydia. We like to introduce this Cydia installer for users who are new to install Cydia.

This is the way for use Cydia installer

--  Download application file extract using Winrar or WinZip

--  You need to know your device running Ios version. This is the way…

      Settings  -- > General  -- > About -- > Version

--  Then follow Cydia installer options with device configuration

--  Then if your device running Ios 7 as operating system, Evasi0n will download for your computer

Follow these instructions and guides to use Evasi0n

-- Your PC need to run Windows XP minimum and MAC OS X – 10.6 minimum use for this jailbreak tool
--  Make sure with USB cable properly connect to the computer
--  If you are Windows user, make sure iTunes installed into the computer.
--  If you opened iTunes, close it and also iTunes related applications
-- Please take your device backup using iTunes. This will be advantage to replace your data
-- Please disable passwords or passcords in your device before take backup
-- If MAC users has an error with Evasi0n cannot open. Right click application select open, then it will work properly.
-- Some users may be faced with error over the air update. So restore your device for Ios 7.0.4 first.
-- Evasi0n7 does not work for iPad 2 (WiFi), these devices wait some weeks till Evasi0n update release
-- Some Cydia tweaks may not work with Ios 7, Before you install new tweaks please take device backup. Because your device may be stuck with the reboot process.
-- If Evasi0n Stuck somewhere please reboot your device again and restart application and wait till end of jailbreak process.

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