Thursday, April 25, 2013

Complete tutorial guide for Cydia download, install, setup

We like to give complete tutorial  for “ “ users to related with Cydia installation setup. Because some iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV users has not better knowledge about Cydia installation. As a result they are wasting time by download unnecessary tools to download Cydia. This is for all users who need to install Cydia to their devices. Following questions will be your answer ....

Do not PAY for jailbreak tools ?

We have seen more than 75% products are selling Cydia with their tools. Because new users do not have any idea about Cydia and also Cydia download, install. This is real market for users who are interesting Cydia. Actually if you are registered as affiliate with other developed products, your website or blog has an ability to sell products to earn money. Some companies are paying more than 50% for their product sellers. 

Guides for Cydia install or download for new comers

  • Do not pay for Cydia download tools (Cydia cannot find as software tool)
  • Cydia cannot download or install Online. (You can update Cydia online)
  • Do not go to jailbreak without any knowledge about jailbreak tools
  • Follow internet more guides and Youtube videos related with jailbreak tools (You can find many top videos through Youtube)
  • Select best jailbreak tool according to your device Ios
  • Follow instructions related with jailbreak tools
  • Start process and install Cydia for your device successfully
Cydia can be download with jailbreak products. But you have a risk to download Cydia with un-trusted jailbreak tools. Because more users do not have any knowledge with payable tools. Most of these websites never give any video related with their jailbreak product. Finally your money and time will be waste.

What are the best ways to Download and install Cydia ?

Cydia download or installation is a simple process. This process is called “ jailbreak “. You can take Cydia as a result to jailbreak. Actually Cydia cannot find as tool, All of the jailbreak tools are providing Cydia installation process. This means, all jailbreak tools main target is to break iOS and install Cydia.

Therefore if you paid for Cydia download tool, this means you have paid for jailbeak tool. As I said earlier this is a simple process and it’s completely free for you. So why you pay for paid jailbreak or Cydia tools.

Cydia can be download using jailbreak tools only. These jailbreak tools are installing Cydia for your device while jailberaking process. You have not any way to install Cydia without these jailbreak tools.

What are the best tools for install Cydia ?

Jailbreak iPhone , iPad, iPod – Evasi0n, Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze, Absinthe

Jailbreak Apple TV – Seas0npass

These are the best most useful jailbreak tools for your device. You can use these tools to download Cydia successfully. 

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  1. I jailbreak my phone to ios 6.1.3 and it's great. After the jailbreak Cydia was automatically installed in my phone. I was able to download top apps and tweaks now. I got the jailbreak guide here.