Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to download Cydia after jailbreaking process

We have seen some users are facing difficult with Cydia after uninstall it. Most of the jailbreak tools are ready with Cydia to install your devices. So these tools are finally verified jailbreak process with Cydia download and installing.

So, Are You jailbreak your device ? Yes

    Is  Cydia installed to your Device ? Yes

Then we can say you have done your jailbreak process successfully. If above mentioned one of this question your answer is NO, then you need to check your jailbreak process again.

As example, When we are using Redsn0w after jailbreak process we can see Cydia icon in the device and it is working properly. But Cydia is not functioning and after we reboot the device using Redsn0w tool Cydia is working properly.  

When you are using Redsn0w, install Cydia option need to active to download and install Cydia for your device. If you uninstall Cydia form your device and you need to install again these steps are important . These steps are related with after jailbreaking process.

Method 1

You can download Latest jailbreak tool (ex Redsn0w) and click install Cydia option. Then follow simple steps correctly, wait until jailbreak process complete. This is one of the better way to install Cydia.

Method 2

You can use iFile to install Cydia to your device. If you do not install iFile then first install iFile into your device. Then go to the following URL and use that option to install Cydia.

Method 3

This is for users who do not use iFile. This step you need to create folder using your device applications like iExplore or Phone Disk. Then navigate and create folder in the following path.


Then download this file and insert into the above mentioned directory.

Then you can see Cydia is working correctly. We think you can use above mentioned 3 steps to install Cydia for your device after jailbreaking process. We think you can follow that guides correctly. If you like our guides please use share with facebook, twitter or g+.

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  1. I jailbreak my phone and Cydia was installed automatically in my phone. Got the guide from