Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cydia install methods for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Some persons are asking sources how they can install or download Cydia for their devices. We like to give best way to install Cydia. Following diagram shows how people are moving to install Cydia.

Best Way

One - Jaibreak Apps – You can install Cydia successfully for iPhone, iPad or iPod using Jailbreak Applications. These applications are free and user can use to install Cydia using these Applications. You can see hundreds of users are selling these applications more than 15 $. Unfortunately some users are getting these apps by paying many websites.
Jailbreak Apps are one and only way to install Cydia for your devices. User can install Cydia after jailbreak process using these tools. Cydiaguides tested tools are Redsn0w, Evasi0n, Absinthe, Sn0wbreeze, Greenpois0n and Seas0npass.

Do not follow these Ways

Two Online - You cannot use any website to install Cydia online. User can download files after jailbreak if Cydia is not working. These files cannot use as Cydia install files. You can see Cydia Developer Mr.Saurik has uploaded files. Some of these files can be use if Cydia is not working well. Other files cannot use as Cydia installer.

ThreeOpenAppMkt - We like to discuss Cydia installer apps in the Open App Market. After you went to the Open App Market these applications can be use to install Cydia. You can see some applications under Mr.Saurik name, but Mr.Saurik never say any moment you can install Cydia without jailbreaking. Therefore you cannot install Cydia without jailbreaking by using OpenAppMkt.

FourthPaid Services – These services are giving free applications after paid for their services. You can see all of these services never mentioned their tool name, therefore they are charging money for guide lines. You can follow our guide lines to install Cydia successfully.

We have seen users are installing Cydia using above mentioned four categories. But only one method is the best way to download Cydia. Other methods are money and time wasted way to take Cydia.  

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