Friday, January 18, 2013

ICY as alternative for Cydia Download

We have found another application similar to Cydia called ICY. Cydia and App Store has similar functions.We have found another app similar to App Store. This is ICY, one of the famous application love iDevice users. Perhaps you may use this application earlier. This may be interesting if you are looking best tool for Cydia.

What is ICY ? Icy can be say as Cydia alternative which can be use to do more functions similar to Cydia. We have seen this application is little bit faster than Cydia. Therefore using this application you can do functions easier. This app can be use with your iPhone, iPad and iPod. 

Can you install ICY without jailbreaking ? ICY is a software which can be install under Cydia. So you need to jailbreak device for install ICY. When you jailbreak device using any tool,  Cydia will be install to your iPhone or iPad or iPod. Then you can use ICY tool under Cydia as Alternative. If anybody do not like Cydia they can use Icy to do their functions.

Perhaps your friend may not like to Icy or jailbreak your device. This kind of situation you can use Weblin as Cydia alternative. We have guided Weblin alternative and click here to seemore details. As we said earlier this tool can be use with or without jailbreaking. Therefore ICY need Cydia to install but Weblin not need to install. This is the main difference between ICY and Weblin.

ICY installation is normal as you are installing new source. We think you already know this simple process. 

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  1. I still prefer Cydia. I installed Cydia using the guide in WWW.JAILBREAKHOME.COM and it's working great. No issues at all.