Wednesday, January 21, 2015

PanGu untethered for iOS 7.1.1 – 7.1.2

Pangu is a very easy to use tool that could possibly and easily jailbreaks your iDevice it’s been created by Chinese team. The language of this software was previously being in Chinese language but now it’s completely possible in English
It works on windows and Mac and recently released their untethered jailbreak method for iOS 7 users.

As jailbreaking an iDevice is enjoyed by its users the company provides jailbreaking are making billions

So each and every company are going on improvising there tool with features integrated. So Pangu Company too released its untethered jailbreaking method for IOS 7

Now let us focus on the method as how to use Pangu untethered jailbreak method to jailbreak firmware iOS 7 version. Back up your iDevice using iTunes as OTA method will not let your iDevice to jailbreak so all your hard works end useless. 

You must disable Wi-Fi in your iDevice as well as disable the passcode lock.You can enable them after the process comes to a completion  .

Take your USB port and connect your iDevice to the PC

Download pangu from your browser to the PC. And run it as your administrator

You could see a button as jailbreak just gives it a tap

Uncheck the date setting shift the date to June 2

Now click on the Pangu icon and let the process begins

Say continue after a while reboot occurs and all the process comes to an end

This process supports the firmware iOS 7.1.1 - 7.1.2 and it is possible to all iDevices get going and enjoy the jailbreak experience 

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