Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to download Cydia for your Ios 6 devices with Evasion

Many persons are still facing trouble with download Cydia for their iOS 6 running devices. Therefore I thought to write this article for users who are interesting to download Cydia. Cydia guides always try to give best solution for all users.

This guides for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Apple TV users running with  iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.1, 6.1.1, and 6.1.2. This is untethered jailbreak solution for users who are willing to give freedom for their devices with jailbreak.

What is evasion role ?

This is one of the best solution for  iOS 6 devices without running  iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4. If your device running with  iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 do not follow my blog post for jailbreak your device. So evasion this moment role with  iOS 6- 6.1.2 running devices. This tool successfully jailbroken millions of devices all around the world.

How to download Cydia with Evasion

Many persons are facing with this problem, they do not have clear idea about Evasion and Cydia. Evasion is a jailbreak tool and Cydia is a third party application. So user can download Cydia with Evasion jailbreak tool. User need to jailbreak their devices to take Cydia, we like to give guides for  iOS 6 running devices.

How to jailbreak with Evasion

--  Download Evasion for Windows, MAC and Linux users. Open readme text file and read instructions carefully.

--  We like to show important things as follows

--  Attach your devices to PC and Run application. We like to give guides for download Cydia for Windows platform. Other user are also follow this same steps.

--  Extract file and run application and click jailbreak button. Wait till end of jailbreak process. Sometimes your device may be restart several times.

You can see Cydia is installing within jailbreak process. Therefore users do not need to install Cydia separately. Jailbreak success means Cydia installation success and you can see Cydia with your home screen. Now we thought your device is free from Apple restrictions and it is ready to customize as you want. Good journey with Cydia guides for your Ios 6 running devices.

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