Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cydia and Movie Box apps without jailbreaking

Most people are trying to jailbreak devices variety of ways. Actually some Ios versions unable to jailbreak with software this moment. But they do not know about jailbreak status for their devices. This Cydia and Movie Box review all users who need third party applications for their devices.

Cydia install Review

Are your iPhone, iPad, iPod user ? Are you interesting Cydia ? Cydia application support upto Ios 9.1 running devices this moment. Also other lower versions can install Cydia application successfully. If your device running lower version, follow jailbreak guides to install this nice application within few minutes of time.
Movie Box install Review

This application can install without jailbreak your device. Jailbreak users can get Movie Box with Cydia application within few seconds. Other users Follow MovieBox Download methods to install it properly. MovieBox application support Ios 3 to Ios 9 running devices.

Users can install MovieBox application successfully if Cydia not support for your device. Ios 9.2 to Ios latest version users unable to install Cydia application. So Cydia loving users with a gate between Ios update and jailbreak. 

All users has two option to customize device

1.       1.  Keep Cydia and wait until jailbreak release
2.       2.  Move with Cydia alternative software

We thought users need to move for Cydia alternative software until jailbreak release for users. We have seen thousands of iDevice applications can install without jailbreak your device. So users can get most of Cydia features variety of ways with MovieBox. 

Cydia and MovieBox differences

Both of these tools need install without Apple authority. MovieBox application is dedicated with one Movies, TV Shows, Songs, Video’s. But Cydia is best freeware which can use to thousands of applications including MovieBox.

Cydia is like App Store which provide features App store unable to achieve. Please follow us to install Cydia application to enjoy your device.

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