Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to Download Cydia When Jailbreaking process

This is the best way to download Cydia to your device. You can get Cydia for your iPhone, iPad or iPod using this process easily. If you need to get Cydia for iDevice first you need to download jailbreaking software recommend for your device. We can show this method as simply as follows and we like to give proper guide compatible with your device.

Our recommend tools available for jailbreak and it can be download using following links. These links contain latest versions. So these guides relevant with the latest versions. If you have any matter comments with us to find solution.


This is one of our recommend tool for jailbreak. This tool was developed by iPhone Dev Team and you can find many fake tools for money under Redsn0w name. This tool is completely free for your device and it can be download using following links. iPhone Dev Team is a group of enginners gathered to develop Redsn0w. They are updating this tool compatible with the Apple Ios versions. This hackers team is the world best team associated with Redsn0w. Their other one of best tool is Ultrasn0w, it is a unlocking tool which can be use to unlock your device.

This Redsn0w tool one of main part is install Cyida. Mr. Saurik is Cydia creator and he is also working with this iPhone Dev Team. This is their official blog -

Click here to see how to download Cydia with Resn0w. You can download Rednow other versions form their website.


This is also our recommend tool for jailbreak to get cydia for your lovely device. You need to follow our correct steps properly to download cydia because when you fail to do those process device may be brick. This is not only for Absinthe, if you are using any jailbreak tool we kindly tell you to follow correct guide lines. Absinthe jailbreak tool developed by Chronic Dev Team and their official blog is  -

This tool is also not valid with all iOS versions. So follow our guides to complete your task successfully. Do not pay for fake Absinthe tools. We have seen lots of payable tools under Absinthe Name and this is completely free tool for you. Download Absinthe tool using following link.

Click here to see how to Download Cydis for your device using Absinthe.


This tool is also famous tool we can recommend to cydia download for your device.  Sn0wbreeze developed by iH8Sn0w. You can use this tool to jailbreak many Ios compatible with most of Ios versions. But use our step by step guides relevant with your devices. You can download Sn0wbreeze using this link,

This tool is developed only for Windows users. If you are MAC or Linux user we can recommend to Redsn0w or Absinthe to jailbreak your device. Ih8Sn0w official web site – F0recast, iDetector, iFaith, iReb also developed by them.

Click here to see how to Download Cydia for your device using Sn0wbreeze

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