Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Download vShare as best Cydia alternative application for iPhone, iPad

Most Apple & android users are interesting with vShare application. vShare is famous application which can act as best alternative application for Cydia. Can Cydia install for your device ? This moment Cydia is unable to install most of the devices. Because more than 60% users with Ios 10 & more than 30% users with Ios 9. Ios 10 all users unable to install Cydia application. But Ios 9.0 to 9.3.3 users can install Cydia application successfully. Ios 9.3.4, 9.3.5 users unable to install Cydia application using any method. 

Therefore if you are with Ios 10, Ios 9 latest version, we recommend to install third party applications instead of Cydia for your device. vShare is one of the best third party application for your device. 

vShare Application features

  • vShare support Ios/Android devices
  • vShare is freeware
  • vShare is App Store alternative
  • vShare can install without jailbreaking

vShare Requirements

  • Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphone
  • OS – Ios/Android

How to install vShare to your device

  • Apple users can install vShare application using vShare Helper
  • Android users follow vShare Download to install for your device

vShare Errors

Perhaps users will face some loading issue with vShare application. Most of the times this will happened with Apple users. This will cause after Ios update in your device. Please restart your device, Most of the times this error will gone after restart. If this happened again better to reinstall vShare again to your device.

Can install vShare with Cydia

Cydia is also included vShare store for your device. This store can install with Cydia without any error. Cydia application can only install with jailbreak but vShare is possible to install without jailbreak your device. Follow vShare and install most paid apps without paying. Download it now, this will be your favorite application.